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Welcome to Nanak School of Motoring. We are a school of driving instructors operating within the south-east area of the UK. With over 45 years of expertise you’ll be in great hands as we guide you on your learning experience.


We are an independent school of driving instructors, based in North-west Kent and South-east London. Our instructors work in a variety of locations inc. Erith, Belvedere, Plumstead, Woolwhich, Dartford, Gravesend, Strood, Chatham & Gillingham and the surrounding areas. We offer lessons at variable rates according to area and block-booking discounts. Our specialism comes from practical teaching in foreign languages. We also offer hazard perception assistance and training in foreign languages. Tuition is available in both manual and automatic cars. Instructors are available with flexible hours to fit around your working day.
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Nanak SOM was established in 2002 by Avtar Singh & Narinder Singh as a school of motoring with the express aims of teaching driving instruction to students with foreign language difficulties. As a driving school, we have a collective experience of over 45 years of teaching.
With time, we have introduced new instructors to the school and now have instructors in various locations across North-west Kent and South-east London. We have a very successful pass rate, and with the lessons offered to our students you can be sure that you will develop your driving knowledge enough to to be a successful and confident driver beyond your driving test.
Yes. All of our instructors are fully qualified approved driving instructors (ADIs). They all display the green DSA license to teach in their vehicles. As such, all of our instructors are CRB checked, and are tested regularly to make sure they maintain the high DSA standards. They are all grade 4 (and above) instructors.
We offer one-to-one practical lessons in English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu across all of our sites. In addition to this, we offer theory lessons in English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu. We also offer assistance with hazard perception training and can offer aides for your personal development in Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu, as well as the standardised English test. Lessons can be taught in both manual and automatic transmissions for ease of learning. Towards the end of your training, we also offer mock examinations that will test you according to the strict DSA test rules. After passing your test, we are also able to offer you PassPlus lessons that focus on building even more skills. With a PassPlus certificate, you can also apply for lower insurance premiums. PassPlus lower insurance premiums.


Provisional License
Before you begin your lessons with Nanak SOM, please be aware that you will have to apply for a provisional license. You can apply for your provisional license three months before you turn 17, but you will not be allowed to take lessons until you are 17. You can do this by obtaining the forms from the Post Office, or you can do it online Manual or Automatic
Lessons can be given in both manual and automatic transmission. If you do choose to learn (and pass) in an automatic car, you cannot drive a manual car in the future. However, if you learn and pass in a manual car, you will be allowed to drive an automatic car in the future. Practical
Practical lessons focus on teaching you how to handle the car to the best of your ability according to the highway code and to the DSA driving standards checklist. You are guided on essential driving skills such as; Driving in traffic; Essential car maintenance; Roundabouts and junctions; Driving manoeuvres (turning in the road, parallel parking, reverse parking, emergency stopping and hill starts); Ecological driving, & defensive driving techniques. Theory & Hazard Perception
As a student, you will be guided on your learning outcomes by our driving instructors. These learning outcomes can be taught in Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu, and are supplemented by tools that are written and spoken in those languages.
In the near future, we will have a base where we offer theory and hazard perception lessons via computers and online learning aides. Mock Examinations
As one of our students, when you approach your test date our instructors offer a mock examination, complete with elements suggested by the DSA. This is in order to demonstrate and acclimatise you to the test conditions you will face when you take your own test. Exam Bookings
Our instructors can book your theory and practical examination dates as you prefer, if you would like us to. Alternatively you can book these dates yourself, however, we reserve the right to refuse you the use of our vehicles if we feel you are unable to pass. PassPlus
PassPlus lessons can be given to you after you pass the practical test. It consists of a minimum of six hours of additional training. PassPlus consists of six modules. Driving in town; Driving in all weathers; Driving on rural roads; Driving at night; Driving on dual carriageways & Driving on motorways. Intensive Courses & Block Bookings
Please contact our instructors for more information on intensive/block booking rates. here. highway code DSA driving standards six modules theory practical
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